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The First Fun Fall Five

Hello Pumpkintown friends,

Thank you for joining the Turtle Hill Books newsletter mailing list. It’s short and sweet because I know you’re on the go. So enjoy and thank you again for checking out my site!

I’m proud to release the newest book in the Pumpkintown series titled Pumpkin Palooza. Here are a few things about the book and a happy thought for the day at the end of the list.

1. The poems in the book are funny.

2. The poems are for both boys and girls.

3. My favorite is about Kiwi the Dancing Turtle.

4. Don’t forget the free music download on the THB site. It will make you smile.

The song includes the lyrics and a ukulele chord chart so you can play along!

5. Feel free to subscribe to my website to get these newsletters!

And one more thing: here's a poem to brighten your day.

You’re an eagle this morning,

flying high in the sky,

dipping and diving,

climbing so high.

You’re an eagle this morning

Looking down from above

Have a wonderful day

Filled with kindness and love

By Peggy Schaedler

Thanks again for joining the mailing list! More to come soon. If you liked what you read, please pass it on, tell a friend, click on share, or just enjoy.

Your pumpkin pal,


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